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Florinda Davis is the owner of Davis Learning & Professional Services


Florinda creates and executes professional learning opportunities and solution-driven services, aimed at developing staff capacity and leveling up existing programs. Through customized, strategic professional solutions in any professional setting.​

Florinda has worked in education for 25 years while serving in a variety of roles including a Professional Development Specialist, Curriculum Writer, Child Development Manager for a Head Start/Early Head Start program, Family Service Coordinator, Research Intervention Teacher, Alternative Certification Liaison, a Bilingual teacher, Classroom Teacher- Pre-k thru 2nd and 4th grade, Math and Science teacher.​In addition to her experience within the educational arena, she has utilized many transferable skills, beyond education.

Among these skills, they include problem-solving and development of potential solutions, project management, instructing and presenting, management skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, time management and collaboration, team building, and professional coaching for growth and development.  ​​

My Story

As a native of Texas and graduate of the University of St. Thomas, Houston, I earned degrees in Education and English.

As a Texas Certified Trainer, I have successfully provided professional learning in Houston and the greater area. As well as designed and presented professional learning for the Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma, and Indiana Head Start/Early Head Start organizations and early care programs.

I understand the importance of establishing connections and building relationships. I work with programs and organizations to provide tailored learning without limits and services without boundaries for success.

     "I believe that the key to lasting change and impact, is the buy-in that can only be accomplished when connections and relationships are built. Success is experienced through innovative solutions that support collaboration between organizational goals and personal success."

As an Educator, I am a life-long learner. Opportunities to teach other Educators and non-Educators how to improve their personal processes, to meet their professional and personal goals, is the best part of what I provide.

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